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Welcome to Tokyo’s newest dedicated Halal Restaurant. Our vision is simple, we want to bring honest and tasty Halal cooking to the Tokyo community. We specialize in creating delicious Ramen and Hamburg. We also introduce some other Asian dishes including Beef Tehari and Bhuna Khichuri. All prepared and cooked to exact Halal guidelines. Whether you’re a Muslim diner looking for Halal options in Tokyo, or completely new to Halal cooking in general, at Tokyo Halal Restaurant you’ll find great food that’s freshly made with the finest ingredients and packed full of flavor. We’re also fully committed to providing the highest levels of service to our customers. We can’t wait to welcome you to our restaurant to experience our fantastic Halal cooking for yourself.

Mujahed Jahangir

Meet our captain who is one of the pioneer in Japan to spread the Halal taste to Tokyo Muslim community almost two decade. Visit us to experience his award winning recipe and explore the new Tokyo for Muslim community.


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東京都北区上十条 1-11-9 ASKビル2F
Call: 03-5948-8351
Email: tokyohalalrestaurant@gmail.com

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